In Kemerburgaz House Prices Are Increased By 193 Percent

In Istanbul house prices increase day by day. One of the real estate research company in İstanbul works for the house price prices. As a result of the search in Kemerburgaz house prices are increased 193 percent more in five years.

The price increasing in Kemerburgaz this is the fastest and most valued house in İstanbul.

How Does it Happen

Kemerburgaz in İstanbul locates very important places that has a few forest area. Also İstanbul new railway system has built from Gayrettepe to Kemerburgaz and this railway system has gone to the new Airport that has built third airport in İstanbul and this airport has crucial for İstanbul for the international and domestic air transportation.

Another reason to price increasing in Kemerburgaz that build a new project which has a very important and very popular residence and houses for luxury. In this project there has social facilities, regular site area, and very high and very complex transportation system.


Kemerburgaz locates near third road and TEM so traffic is not problem for the people that lives in Kemerburgaz.

So that all this facilities collect together in Kemerburgaz. This is the reason for the price of house increasing

As a result of all reason, This area house area prices varies five thousand Turkish liras to nineteen thousand Turkish liras per meter square .

In 2013-2016 in Kemerburgaz there was not so many house in there but lots of vilaage in there. For that reason price for meter square are very different house and village. But this year nine house project start in Kemerburgaz and village and house prices for meter square are nearly same.

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