If You Did An Increase Of Precedent Value Of Your Land, Please Attention


Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mehmet Simsek is attending the opening of 19. Eurasian Economic Summit Deputy, and in his opening speech, the zoning changes will occur due to the increase in value referred to. Simsek said that, local governments and municipal zoning applications that is not bound by a rule of the assembly, who obtained the rants of open land in the construction of important, if they should be said, the winner is going to be State at this time.


From this statement made at the meeting; the zoning change that will arise from the state’s share, which entitle the holder to receive the increase in value of it is understood that the regulation will enter into force soon. With the arrangement, the public annuity, the tax was known as ‘the increase in share value’, for changes in zoning would apply. So, the precedent for the development of a plot or of a building when opened will share the increase in value when the rate rises. In case of amendment of the request of citizens, 80% and 100% at a rate to be determined from the increase in share value could be taken. In a change of the general plan of the municipality, this ratio is 40% and 60% will vary between. After editing, the application will start to be made legal.


As it is known in the cities due to zoning changes, a big rant occurs. For example, when there is an empty plot on precedent or a change in zoning increases the value of the value of this car is low in a place where a similar increase is being requested. In this case, the two-storey building out a construction permit for twenty-storey. If the property has rant, it remains with the owner. With the new regulation, the State will get a share from the surplus.


The increase in value will be determined by the Commission, the city council. In property’s area, 15 people from the relevant Municipality or the Metropolitan and 10 people from the Chamber of Commerce, a delegation will be created for a total of 25 people. It’s among these people for each valuation, 2 from the Municipality, 1 from the realtors, 1 member from the Chamber and 1 from the property owners, a special commission of 5 members in total will be established. The city council will give the final decision. If zoning changes made, from the websites of the municipalities can be followed.

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