How were the comments of the construction sector about Izmir being the 3rd city to make migrations?

Izmir became the 3rd city who got the most migrations in 2015. The natives from Istanbul were mostly the ones who came to the fascinating center Izmir. The main names from the Izmir construction sector evaluated the situation as an advantage.

According to the datas of the Turkish Statistical Institution, the internal migration of Izmir got to increase while most of the migrations came from Istanbul. Izmir became a 5 percent internal migration in 2015 to became the most migrated 3rd city. 126,238 people moved to Izmir and the clear migration number is 20,849. Izmir got from 80 cities in Turkey an internal migration and most of them from Istanbul. According to this,16,129 people migrated from Istanbul to Izmir in 2015. The main people from the Izmir construction sector evaluated the migration from Istanbul to Izmir and the reflection to the housing market.


We have too many advantages

The Board of Directors President of Gozde Group Kenan Kali,” The people from Istanbul, to choose to live in Izmir was a situation which we said for 3 years. The problems of Istanbul being a megalopolis, the traffic and the expensiveness oriented the people to Izmir. Especially after the highway will be completed between Izmir and Istanbul the migration will increase more and more and continue to grow. My advice for the ones who live in Izmir is to invest for the housing prices in Izmir until they get to the same prices like in Istanbul.”
The Board of Directors President of Tanyer Construction Munir Tanyer,” The most demand comes from Istanbul for the construction projects in Izmir and our projects included too. The people who are tired of Istanbul,and want to get rid of the crowd, the traffic and the polluted air choose Izmir for its more natural, comfortable lifestyle. From now on there wont be any decrease rather an increase who come from Istanbul to Izmir.

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