How To Solve The Grievances Of Home Buyers Down Payment?

How to solve the grievances of home buyers down payment?

13 thousand registered, unregistered, the real estate sector, which operates 40 thousand real estate agents, is waiting for real estate law. Thanks to the law, home buyers and tenants will have an authority when they have deposit victimization.


One of the biggest problems of the housing sector is dealing with real estate agents which is been reassuring. İn this days, every people can be real estate agent if they will register to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. (ITO) According to official records, there is 6 thousants real estate agent wich is been registered to ITO and 7 thousands which is been registered to Chamber of Tradesmen. Totally is 13 thousands. And there is also, 40 thousands unofficial real estate agents.for-rent  Victimization of home buyers or renters is because of deposits which is have paid to real estate agents and paying deposits for nothing and get laid.  This reflects that there are widely differing views on how deposit insurance should optimally be structured. To inform this debate, we use a newly constructed data set of deposit insurance design features to examine how different design features affect deposit interest rates and market discipline.

For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front of House

What will be the biggest profit of the law? Former President of the European Association of Real Estate Brokers and owner of MKE real estate agents Mehmet Keklik, warned to buyers and renters for when paying deposit, have to take the people’ photocopy of identify card who you paid deposit. Mehmet Keklik also said, 2 of the Chambers must unite for preparing the new law of reel estate agents. Its just possible when the 2 chamber will become one.

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