How to divide inherited property?

The Turkish Civil Code regulates the sharing of property acquired in union of marriage without treating unfairly. According to the law, even if the acquired properties title deeds are transferred into one's name of the spouses, these are shared during the divorce. This practice is called in the legal parlance, "the acquisition of the acquired property". Union of marriage can be ended not only by divorce but by the death of one of the spouses. In this case, the sharing of properties takes place differently. How to divide property among heirs?


The Wife Who Is Alive Receives Two Shares Of Heritage

Suppose that one of spouses died during marriage. The living spouse benefits from the inheritance of the deceased spouse in two ways: First of all, the spouse who is alive has the right to claim with 50% participation. Secondly, the living spouse also receives a share of the remaining 50 percent of the deceased spouse's heritage.

How to divide family possessions if there are children? If the deceased spouse has children, 3/4 of his or her inheritance will remain for his or her children, and 1/4 for his or her living spouse. Heritage is distributed equally to children. If there is only one child, he or she has 3/4 of inheritance alone.

What İf The Deceased Spouse Does Not Have Children?

If the deceased spouse has no children and his or her parents are alive, the spouse who is alive will have half of the inheritance, parents of deceased spouse will have half of the inheritance. If the parents of deceased spouse are not alive and his or her siblings are alive, the property is equally shared between the siblings and the living spouse.

Suppose the children, siblings and parents of the deceased spouse are not alive, how to divide property equally? If grandparents of the deceased spouse are the only relatives who are alive, the heritance will be shared between the living spouse and grandparents. 3/4 of the inheritance will remain for living spouse, and 1/4 for his or her grandparent.

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