How İs The House Sold İn Difficult Times?

Sales is to produce first-rate salable products. The marketing is based on the desires and needs of the founders of the base. The sale of the housing project is determined on the basis of the project being created. It's easy to sell a project that has features that will generate buy-back in potential customers. The sale of a project that does not match the needs of customers is so difficult. So let's take a step-by-step look at how the housing project should be marketed.


Create a Project to Attract Buyers:

In the past, there were not many other criteria for housing buyers that affected sales except neighborhood, price, apartment size, floor and landscape. When we look back, we see that the buying criteria of house buyers are increasing day by day and differentiated. Customers are now attracted to a number of criteria such as the parking lot being closed or open, the pool being closed or open in the same way, what kind of facilities are available in social facilities, hobby gardens, mobile cinemas, guest rooms, storage areas, shopping center connection and metro connection.

sale-of-the-housing project

Impressive Sales Story Edited:

Project sales are built on future developments. A futuristic chart will be drawn on the development and valuation potential of the zone to add value to the project and affect buyers and investors. This table is supported by factors such as infrastructure investments in the world, population growth, transportation projects and foreign investments. The sale narrative allows you to sell the future value of the project.

Life in the Project is Planned:

When the project is completed, Migros will operate the market in front of it. The families who will live in the project, the investor and the fields want to know this. Will the gym be operating a professional chain in the same way, or site management? The planning and preparation of the project life reduces the question marks in the heads of the buyers and facilitates sales.


Prices Determined:

Base prices are important to attract the attention of the customers. In pricing, it is possible to differentiate the project from similar projects with creative solutions.

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