Housing Will Be Built İn 20 Hours With A 3d Printer!

Austria-based Doka Mold, which produces concrete molds, bought 30 percent of California's 3D (3D) printer company Contour Crafting. Doka Mold will produce housing through robots and 3D printers.


The new system will quickly address the need for accommodation of victims after possible disasters.


With the new technology, an average house of 230 square meters can be built in 20 hours. Ender Özatay, the representative of the Austrian company in Turkey, Doka Mold and İskele Country Manager Ender Özatay gave the following information about the transformation in the construction sector: "According to scientific research, the world population will reach 11 billion in 2100. 75% of the population in 2050 will live in cities. Growth is a big challenge for the construction industry, and with this increase in the human population, accommodation and infrastructure needs to be produced quickly and appropriately, and in the future traditional methods are not enough to meet these demands.


Designed with new technology, the digital product is divided into thousands of horizontal layers by 3D modeling in the virtual environment. Then these layers are transferred to the 3D printer. The robot starts to layer in 3D and solid form by determining the layers and passing it over one by one and pouring concrete mortar.

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