Housing Allowance In Urban Transformation

Citizens living in the cities that are transforming into urban areas are provided with rent subsidies up to 18 months if requested. In order to benefit from this help the building must have been evacuated by agreement.

The housing allowance is made as a monthly payment of up to 18 months and not exceeding TL 680 per month. In the case of rentals, a single payment is made for the cost of relocation, with the exception of only one traveler.

Application Process

In the context of urban transformation, home owners or tenants who evict their homes need to apply to the relevant institutions first with some documents in order to be able to receive rent subsidies. Those living in Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa can apply to the Infrastructure and Urban Regeneration Directorates for the applications and to the Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization for those living in other provinces.


Documents Requested From the Hosts

  • Application form
  • Copies of title deed and photocopy
  • For land parcels, one of the electricity, water, natural gas or telephone bills of the last three months registered on the address based population registration form taken from the Population Directorate or the real estate tax declaration
  • Current title deed registration (signed and sealed by authorized person)
  • Birth certificate and photocopy
  • Risky building detection report review form
  • An address based population register showing the new address (to show that the house was evacuated)
  • Photocopy of account book (preferably Ziraat Bank or Halk Bank) for a demand deposit account opened in public banks.


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