Home Owners Who Won’t Income Tax Return In 2016, Will Be Utilized By The Tax Authorities


For 2016, home owners has to give the duration of the Statement of Income Real Estate, 25.March.2016 ended. As of this date, if the affidavit does not given or tenant with the statement of different home owners, revenue will be utilized by the authority. Since 2011,

Revenue Administration helps over the internet with the system prepared in advance of lease declaration for taxpayers. The declaration filled in with the previous years, if there is a difference between the 2016, or if no declaration is given by the taxpayer as “incompatible” will accept it.


Revenue Administration, real estate revenue has established a monitoring and evaluation system for the statements. Accordingly, according to the information it receives from the Bank, pre populated with the ID number of the person preparing the declaration. Taxpayers entering the system through the Internet, the only statement they agree with. In this system, the goal is to identify previously declaration does not give the tenant that pays the rent and the home owners who detect the difference between the Bank’s declared with. Not satisfied with this system of revenue administration in cities also in designated areas, walking around and talking to one of the houses to the tenants.


Created in 2013, the Sector Information Systems, the tax is being used to investigate sectoral and regional inconsistencies. Accordingly, the district, according to the home owners who declare very cheap rent also will be utilized.


Houses will not be declared and can be obtained from rental income is declared missing or if you cannot benefit from the exemption. However, given the revenue authority declaration if it is delayed before being detected by it, can benefit from this exemption. Any who do not declare rental income from previous years during the relevant period, the declarant or home owners who declare incomplete, remorse and rehabilitation by benefiting from the provisions of the tax procedural law can declare. However, in the case of not declaring the rental income must be declared that, on behalf of the taxpayer can be fined also being applied to late payment interest for each month of delay. In this way the accrued tax, penalty and interest must be paid within one month from the date of the accrual of late payment. If it is not paid, the tax authorities separately for each month by calculating the execution delay is also collected through the hike.

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