Healthy Villa Period

People are preferred to organic food for healthy nutrition, as well as for buildings and private properties such as villas, which are natural, healthy and cost-effective.

Koktas Construction General Coordinator Koksal Gulmez, who used to say that village houses were made of mud bricks or stones and that even foodstuffs were kept in cellars or basement floors in the villages, was made entirely of natural stones instead of synthetic material fombort insulation material; or; Natural stones (andesite, granite, slate stones etc.) and outer paved vilage will be much better in terms of health, temperature differences, insulation, durability, appearance and material value. Gülmez pointed out that natural stone does not carry a risk from a fire point and that it does not produce any harmful substance to health during the fire. “Natural stone villas are demanded as well as the organic greenery trend in our society, besides natural stone is healthy, long life, The ecological nature of this product makes this product more preferred, “he said.


Cheap And Durable

Gulmez says that natural stone can be used in harmony with more than one construction material. “It can be shaped according to the demand of the natural stone consumer or the landlord. Natural stone, on the other hand, is cheaper, durable and most importantly healthier than other building materials, “he said. Koksal Gülmez is in their villa or in the villas, in the exterior wall coverings, in the garden flooring, in the walkways; Site and villas also use natural stones such as andesite, granite, travertine and basalt in the drapes of the surrounding walls as well as being very long-lasting and also very good natural material in terms of appearance, health and material.

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