Halkalı – Çatalca Metro Line 33 Kilometers to the late 33 Minutes

Opened in 2019 to service after planned Halkalı Catalca metro line will be reduced to 33 minutes from…

Halkalı of Bahçeşehir and location in Istanbul’s Catalca… 3 last year among the shining locations.Especially for the many underground Halkalı, marmaray and rail lines are planned system. One of them is the Halkalı – Bahçeşehir- Çatalca metro line…

Halkalı- Bahçeşehir planned in the area Çatalca districts in each of the 3 metro lines it is likely to further increase the attraction.Scheduled to open in 2019 after service Bahçeşehir – Çatalca – Halkalı metro line 33 kilometers long. When switched on – line services will be reduced to 33 minutes from Halkalı – Çatalca.

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