House sales to the foreigner increased 15,8 % in February compared to the same month in previous year. BESA GROUP Board Member Efe Bezci says: “ The foreigners’ interest in Turkey is huge.”

There is an incredible demand especially by Gulf Countries. This situation shows that Turkey will rise much more in the international arena, and also construction sector will go on developing thanks to the foreign investors.”

Bezci states that the foreigner’s interest in our country was seen in Cityscape, the biggest realty fair which has been organized for the first time for Turkey.

Bezci who says that lots of investors from all around the world visited this fair which has been organized in Istanbul, also states: “ Cityscape Fair, which has an essential value for realty sector, has opened its doors in Istanbul for the first time this year, after Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Jeddah, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Construction Sector of Turkey, should make good use of this prestige in international arena. It is possible to say that Turkish firms will go on developing, with the modern and quality projects which also excite the foreign investor’s attention. Foreigners follow the projects in Turkey so closely. Based on the statistics, it is reported that house sales to foreigners increased 15,8 %. Especially Gulf Countries show interest not only to Istanbul but also Bodrum and Alanya. We observed that also in Cityscape, in which Turkey introduce successful projects in realty sector.

BESA Group which is a member of KONUTDER, attended the fair just as an observer this year, will be in Cityscape with its projects about Bodrum and Ankara next year. Bezci says: “ We will not slow down the tempo and our busy schedule. Our aim is introducing BESA GROUP’s projects not only in Istanbul but also in Dubai with foreigner investors.

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