Green Field Depredation Does Not Slow Down

E-5 Green area on the highway, which is also used as a partial parking place on Maltepe route, reconstructioning.

The plan change proposal was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly on June 17, 2016 with a resolution numbered 1141.



The land on which the plan change is made is a green area of ​​12 thousand 110 square meters, totaling 15315 islands, 6 parcels, located within the boundaries of Maltepe county. The Maltepe Municipality, which objected to the opening of the green area on the E-5 and this partially parked area, was a  with the IMM. Mr. Hasan  applied to the 13th Administrative Court of Istanbul to take a decision to stop the execution of the decision on the amendment. Gökkaya, with the plan change, negatively affecting the views of the vehicles and pedestrians in traffic, it will cause undesired accidents. The area contains public transport functions. If amendment is applied, it is thought that it will lead to big damages in terms of transportation and traffic.

There is an opinion section of IMM Assembly Decision institutions. in this chapter; But it is not taken into consideration. The Transportation Directorate said, “It is not considered appropriate to take the immovable from the urban service area into the social infrastructure area.” Plan modification proposal, Kadıköy-Kartal metro, is planned as a transfer area integrated with Küçükyalı Station, as a function of urban service area.


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