Good News For Those Who Dont Have A Deed

Good news for those who dont have a deed

According to the new regulation Law of Urban Transformation, the invaders who have business places and slums on individual properties or treasury lands will also benefit from the law.

Good news came for those who couldnt get the deed for many years and are in a invader position. According to Aysel Alp from Hurriyet, the ones who dont have a deed but have a slum or business place on individual property lands and treasury lands can benefit from the Law of Urban Transformation. The new regulation contains places like Diyarbakir Sur,Sirnak Cizre,Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir, Adana and Mersin who dont have deeds on this places.


The Council of Ministers took a decision about the 6306th law of Places to Convert Under Disaster Risk within the law for the ones who use the risky structures as a tenant, rent or limited beneficial owner to not have the same rights to make it half.This decision was published by the Official Newspaper and confirmed by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

From now on will people also benefit from the law if its within the Urban Transformation who are the land owners and entered the properties in where they live.Hereby,the people who invaded places without deeds can get the cost of debris for their planted trees and built houses.


To own a housing

People who dont have a deed but live in a land which is in an urban transformation, if its possible will may get a housing or business place after the slums are destroyed. But if not possible then they can buy a housing or business place outside the administration area.If the housing or land owners make an agreement with the administration who is transforming the risk area,then the project costs,demolish and shipping costs,the price of land and construction will be calculated and dropped from the debt.

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