Gold Wings 2 Opportunity To Own 595 Thousand Tl In Ankara

Deso Construction, aesthetics and comfort combine different features from each other, offering 4+1 apartments in the project will be delivered in November 2017 2 wings of gold. Deso Construction upgrade project in 2 gold wings Ankara yenimahalle is preparing to deliver. In the month of November this year is planned to be delivered in the project, which includes total housing 77.


Gold Wings 2 project which aims to offer a luxurious living space, 2 + 85 square meter garden and 4 + 1 apartment which is a winter garden, 4 + 1 apartment which is 25 square meter garden, 4 + 1 apartment which is 18 square meter garden, 66 4 +1 apartment, 4 x 16 floor, 1 7 + 1 terraced garden duplex apartment and 2 2 + 7 + 1 duplex apartments. Offering the opportunity to own a lease of cash or bank credit, the project starts from TL 595 thousand to TL 695 thousand. The Gold Wings 2 project, which divides comfort and nature into a green space of 7000 square meters, provides a privileged living space for investors with social facilities. The social facilities of the project include tennis courts, volleyball, basketball and soccer field, jogging, cycling, hiking trail, fitness room, indoor and outdoor children's play areas, giant chess area, resting-viewing terraces. There is also a guest car park in the apartments. The project consists of 300 square meters of pond, waterfall and stream and wood following east and west directions Aims to make the living space outside of the apartments with bridges aesthetically as well.


The Gold Wings project gives special attention to the security of the hosts with features such as special protected walls, 7/24 camera system, exclusive encrypted input / output control, gas and water detectors, special fire system.

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