Giant Project Has Been Viewed From The Sky For The First Time

Tunnel exits of Eurasia Tunnel, which are going to connect European and Asian sides for the 5th time, has been photographed from the sky.

The highway tunnel, connecting two sides to eachother under the sea bottom, will be serving in Kazlicesme – Goztepe route, which has one of the most intense traffic of Istanbul. 5,4 km part of the total length of the route ( 14,6 km ), will be placed in sea bottom as two-storey.

Works Have Been Speeded Up

All the attention have been focused on the work about enlarging the roads between Sarayburnu – Kazlicesme and Harem – Goztepe routes, in which the sub-sea tunnel rises to the surface. While the road enlargement works have been speeded up in both European and Asian sides, lots of interchange roads will be built along the road in order to regulate the traffic.

Roadworks are kept going on in order to make the roads in Kennedy Street, the main artery in European Side, four-lane in both directions. On the other hand, roads will be turned into four-lane roads and even five-lane roads in some areas in both directions.

Time Spent Along the Road Will be Decreased from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.

Based on The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment prepared for Eurasia Tunnel, two crossover roads, one underpass, one overpass and three foot bridges will be built in Goztepe Area in Anatolian Side. On the other hand, five u-turn underpasses and seven pedestrian crossings will be built in order to ease the traffic problem in European Side. Thanks to these roadworks, it is estimated that journey time will be decreased from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.

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