“Get If You Wish” Period Is Over.

Head of the GYODER Aziz Torun who spoke at 15th Real Estate summit meeting stated submitting for housing increases day by day.

Head of the GYODER Aziz Torun who spoke at the  15th Real Estate summit meeting  which was arranged by GYODER says the demand for housing property will continue according to the prices that are submitted is not precise. Torun said that the period “get if you wish” is over. We should consider the demand for purchasing power while we are producing. According to present costs and prices the buyers that have purchasing power is not limitless”

Brand city for foreign investor

Torun said that “There is not any opportunity for constructors to build property under 4.000 Turkish liras in Istanbul. It is important that we should develop a concept project that is suitable for target market because we don’t want to come across any demand insufficiency.” He went his words “It is necessary to occur brand cities for foreign investors and it is important to vary real estate products for foreigners. We should bring İstanbul, Aegean, Mediterranean and Black sea into the forefront with their features”

Torun who reminds Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek’s words “We are living temporary good condition in economy” says “Real estate sector would be caught unprepared in a negative situation like this. We should consider us lucky if we experience the negative situation in a spring mood instead of winter conditions”

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