Foreigners Invested On Fast Estate In Turkey

Turkey becomes the second after ascending two steps by attracting 16, 5 billion dollars of international investments in 2015. Among the developing countries Turkey is at the place with 4 steps ascending and foreigners invested on fast estate mostly.

United Nations Trade and Development Organization’s (UNCTADD) “2016 World Investment Report” is explained worldwide at the same time. According to the report expressed by International Investors Council (YASED), Turkey attracted 16, 5 billion dollars “International Direct Investment” of investment with %36 of raise it ascends two steps and becomes 20th in the general ordering and it comes the 8th place by ascending 4 steps among the developing countries. Of the investments in Turkey, %26 of it belongs to fast estate, %22 is of finance and insurance and %10 goes to transportation and storages.


At the meeting hold after the report explained assistant general manager of YASED Tankut Turnaoğlu emphasized that Turkey continues to take %1 (0.94) share of the world international investments and he pointed out the importance of Turkey’s becoming a regional center. When evaluating the fast estate share in the investments, Turnaoğlu said that Turkey should go on attracting fast estate investments but at the same time it should attract investments related to both production and employment. The total investment amount needs to be raised.

According to the World Investment Report, the global UYD entries raised 38 in 2008 and reached the highest level after the financial crisis of 2008. However, it is still %10 below of the 2007 top level. I the report evaluation, in a term with the rise of %38 (1. 76 trillion dollars) in global UYD mobility there is a deceleration in the development of the developing countries and the fact that it is in the term when the raw material prices is low may be seen as a macroeconomic inconsistency. The main reason of the raise is the trans frontier Connection and Purchase (B&S). When these operations are removed from the report, the rise of UYD becomes %15


According to the report, the rise of international investments to the Asian countries goes on. The most investment amounts goes to Asia and Europe and the North America follow Asia in this respect. In 2015, with 16, 5 billion dollars of investment, Turkey ranks as the 5th most investment attracted country among the developing countries in Asia. In the order, Turkey follows Hong Kong, China, Singapore and India. India which is one step ahead of Turkey has 44 billion dollars of investment. Tankut Turnaoğlu, “the countries are making progress, Especially India has released a new giant packet. They are trying to attract he foreign capital.”

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