Foreign Investors Preferred Branded Houses

According to the report of Gyoder 2016 May, %23 of the sales of house projects belong to the foreign investors %30 in the last 6 months.

In the report, it is stated that the preferences are for 3+1 houses. In the report which shows the statistics of countries selecting our countries, Iraq is on the top of the list. Despite of the changes, Koweit, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan follow Iraq. In the report, it stands out that in the comparison of the first five years Afghanistan rises four times more.


The fact that gulf countries prefer house purchases in Turkey is marked with the city selection as well. Although Istanbul is in the top of the list, the investors coming from desert and hot weathers prefer green and cool areas. Especially Trabzon and Yalova stand out in this field. Although Trabzon was not among the list of investors, it attracted attention after the Gulf States invested on it hence it has raised the sales five times more.

Stating that the house sales increased after the building firms joined the fairs arranged by Araps and the preferences are towards the houses with 150 square meters and more. Pointing out that Yomra is preferred most to buy houses by teachers, doctors, soldiers, businessmen etc. Taftan said: “although they have 100 thousand dollars for purchasing houses, they spend up to 1, 5 million dollars to buy villas. Besides, the fact that foreign investors join the purchases, there is a trend that every room has a air-conditioner and more square meter.” Tafta said that the houses sold over its normal prices may bring some problems in the long term. Telling that Yalova is preferred by people from Iraq and Kuwait, Murat Girgin said that there is an average of 500 thousand liras of buying house.

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