Ferdi Erdoğan became Turkey’s İMSAD President

The 35th Ordinary General Assembly of IMSAD (Turkish Construction Material Industries Association) was held. Feriye Erdoğan, chairman of Kale Yapı Ürünleri Group, came to the presidency of Turkey İMSAD, where the board of directors was elected every two years. Ferdi Erdoğan, who took over the presidency from Fethi Hinginar, was formerly a member of İMSAD Board of Directors in Turkey. Speaking at the General Assembly, Ferdi Erdoğan, the new chairman of Turkey’s IMSAD, noted that the importance of the qualifications, competition and employment in the sector will continue and Turkey’s İMSAD will continue to work on these issues. Emphasizing that energy efficiency is also very important, Erdoğan underlined that industry should work in the field of mining and logistics.


The 35th Ordinary General Assembly of Turkey’s İMSAD has set up administrative and supervisory boards to serve for two years covering the period of 2017-2019. Ferdi Erdoğan was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkey İMSAD in the meeting of the Board of Directors held following the General Assembly.

  1. Fethi Hinginar, who handed over the post of Chairman of Turkey’s İMSAD, said that the presidential term is the two most important years in career and life. Hinginar, “Every goal we reach in life must be the first step of the next target. During my presidency, we cooperated with many valuable friends and managers. I would like to thank all the members and executive committees who contributed to our association today. “

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