Feasting with the Walks of Turkey In Istanbul

In my opinion, food is the easiest way to find out about any culture, city or country. Despite the fact that we don’t speak the same language, we can get together hypothecially speaking, via the simple method of dining with each other and that is why I always enjoy food tours. You may get the chance to experience the farmers market, visit great restaurants relax in bars and cafes typically doing what any local (insert country here) would do on an evening or afternoon out.

You may be thinking “hmm… Walks of Turkey that sounds familiar somehow are you sure it’s new?” Walks of Turkey actually began their initial tours in the spring of 2015; the “Walks of….” label has been existent for quite some time now is rated highly by several travelers online. Trip Advisor is renowned for their knowledgeable tour guides, small tours groups of 12 or less, and most of all their all-inclusive tours, with a guarantee of no shopping stops and no surprises. Everything that you see listed in the tour description is included in the tour price. So, after you havewent online and paid for your tour, you basically so show without a cent in your pocket without having to worry.

Can you find any good eats in Istanbul?
We kicked off our tour on the European side with a ride on a ferry to the Asian side of Istanbul, with a hot delicious mug of Turkish tea, cookies and great conversation. Here’s something you take note of concerning the tea – it is normally served black with sugar and no milk – ALSO it is offered to just about everywhere you maygo. So if you happen to be in shop just browsing and you’re are handed a cup of tea, don’t be surpised because Turks are just a really friendly bunch of people!
With Güney as our lively and very friendly tour guide, we moved around quickly through the busy Istanbul streets like we’ve been living here for years. Our pallettes were jumping for about 4 hours, as we explored back streets and markets in search of different smells and new tastes. We got to try cured meats, dried fruits, cheeses, breads grilled meats, sweets and savory – here’s a look at some of the recaps.

Burgupeyniri – Buffalo milk cheese, which is identical to mozzarella
EskiTrakyaKasar – Thracian aged cheese
KeciPeyniri – Goat cheese
BeyazPeynir – Feta Cheese
IsliPeynir – Smoked cheese
IciKofte – Wheat balls stuffed with walnuts and minced meat (very tasty)
MidyeDolmasi – Stuffed mussels served cold (a personal favorite with lemon squeezed on-top)
Dolma – Stuffed vine leaves
Cig Kofte – Normally “raw meat balls” but these are created using walnuts and bulgar
Kebab (ground beef and lamb kebab)
Bulgur Lamb sis
Onions with sumac flavouring Chicken sis Grilled green peppers and tomatoes
Turkish Pide Bread


Walks of Turkey Istanbul Food Tour Tips

Put on comfy shoes – To really experience the city you have to do it on foot and that means lots of walking and several of the roads are built from cobblestone.
Dress in a modest manner.
Carry afull water bottle seeing that there won’t be any provided.
Ensure that Walks of Turkey is made aware of any food restrictions and food allergies prior to the tour.
Finally, don’t drink the goo that you see at the bottom of your Turkish coffee cup. According to Güney, you should put the saucer on top and carefully tip your cup upside down, then look at what’s left back in your cup and it should “supposedly” show you your future.
Taking some time to go on a local tour for a few hours on your initial arrival to any new place, will let you feel a lot more relaxed and brave enough to go on your own adventure after the tour is finished.
We have done several food tours and they have all been awesome. It’s pretty much the quickest and easiest way to find the best local eateries in a strange city and evade price gouging on fares for tourists.

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