Fatih is The Lowest in Housing Fees, The Highest is Sarıyer

Fatih is The Lowest in Housing Fees, The Highest is Sarıyer

Turkey's Data Processing Center (Tuvia's) examined private luxury residences in 39 counties.

While the average monthly contribution rate per residence is 160 TL in Istanbul, this is Sarıyer with 650 TL. This area is followed by Besiktas with 475 TL, Beykoz with 400 TL, Şişli with 250 TL and Başakşehir with 235 TL.

While Sarıyer and Beykoz are in the first 5, high square meter houses have a lot of influence in these districts, while the factories that raise the average in Başakşehir are young. In Şişli and Beşiktaş, on the other hand, it has increased the average of a wide diversity of cities with both in-house structures and luxury sites.

Other districts in Istanbul are Büyükçekmece with 234 liras, Atasehir with 229 liras, Tuzla with 209 liras, Eyüp with 200 liras, Bakırköy and Çekmeköy with 194 liras, Üsküdar with 171 liras and Kadıköy with 165 liras.

The lowest in Fatih and Sultangazi
At the beginning of the districts where the lowest average contribution is paid, Fatih is coming with 30 liras, followed by Sultangazi with 45 liras, Bahçelievler with 52 liras, Güngören with 60 liras and Avcılar with 61 liras.

The other districts where the average contribution is below 100 liras are 69 liras Beyoglu, 73 liras with Esenler, 79 liras with Kağıthane, 97 lira with Catalca, 98 lira with Bayrampasa, 99 lira with Maltepe.

In low-lying areas, the things like the fact that the age of the houses is high, the fact that there are no elevators in the buildings, the concierge, security and central heating are taken into consideration.

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