Famous Mansion of Kandilli Shares of 19.68 in Sales

Each every year, extending of both sides in Istanbul, avarege 12 waterside mansions which is over million dollars houses are selling.In 2016, the first waterside mansion of the list is Abud Efendi Mansion.

Istanbul’s waterside mansions and prices speakers each semester. average 12 mansion sold every year in Istanbul. first put on sale in 2016, the mansion was the Abud Efendi Mansion.

How any shareholders of Abut Effendi Mansion?

Abut Effendi Mansion usually using by filmmakers for movies and series. There is first thing about Mansion which is selling a 19.68 parts are selling. The three over two of Kandilli’s mansion  belonging to family of Ozdoyuran and another part is shairing with about 40 relatives of Abut Effendi.

5 Short Information about Abut Effendi


1- The architect of mansion is the very successful architect of Palace who Garabet Balyan. The architecture structure inspired the planing of Dolmabahce palace.

2-  The first owner of the mansion is one of the leading traders of 2.Abdülhamit period Altunizade Necip Bey.

3- French baron who Vandeuvre redide 40 years. Baron lost his daughter lived in the mansion at the time and thought it was sinister mansion that was overlaid with black tulle. Mehmet and his family Abud Efendi bought the house from Baron and reside sat until 1981.

4- Mansion has 1,500 square meters, is located on a plot of land. If use area 540 square meters.

5- Abud Efendi Mansion’s 18 rooms, 2 hall, one outbuilding, a hammam, a sauna, has a pool.

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