Exemption From Real Estate Tax!

It was decided to make new applications for the development of the economy, the increase of production and the reduction of additional costs which are the burden on industrial enterprises. Mayor of Melikgazi Dr.Memduh Büyükkılıç announced that the building owners in the industrial zones, free zones, and industrial sites are exempt from real estate tax.


Thus, property taxes that are burdened by industrialists will no longer be burdensome. But there is a thing here, this exception is for tenants. Organized industrial zones, free zones, and industry sites are exempted from the property tax, but the tenants have no exemption.

According to Article 4 of the Property Tax Law No. 3119, permanent property tax exemption has been imposed on the premises in the industrial zones, free zones and industrial sites.

President Dr. Memduh Büyükkilic made the following statement on the subject. Buyukkilic said that only those who are in the state of tenants can not benefit from this exemption, so they will pay property taxes.

 Büyükkilic said: "There are permanent tax exemption on the premises of industrial zones, free zones, industrial zones and industrial sites. However, the new arrangement made in July was amended only to indicate that the exemption for property owners is valid in these production areas and that there is no exemption for tenants. For this reason, entrepreneurial entrepreneurs in Organized Industrial Zones, Free Zones, and Industrial Sites are required to invest property taxes in the absence of a victim. An individual informative letter will be sent if the list of tenant taxpayers is included in the municipal property office "


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