Esenler Municipality Has Rolled Up its Sleeves for 2023

Urban transformation will be built with the protocol signed between Esenler Municipality IMM for the New City Project Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Following the adoption by the Council, it was taken with the signature KİPTAŞ .Now entering KİPTAŞ to begin work on the land.

Took Action for 2023

Ministry of Defense signed between the Municipality of Esenler , Esenler at work on a new protocol dated 29.4.2015 line continues uninterrupted . Will change the Esenler’deki the history and fate a human face City and City Park Project for Esenler in April last year the protocol signed between the IMM with the Municipality of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB ) has been signed following the adoption by the Assembly by a protocol in KİPTAŞ.

The Protocol has signed by Esenler Mayor M. Tevfik Goksu KİPTAŞ General Manager Ismet Yildirim. Goksu and Yıldırım wish for the best for our country , “I hope with the support of our government and the Metropolitan Municipality will spend our lives with this project to our success ,” they said . The manufacturing date of the project will be built in a military area with discarded signatures was undertaken KİPTAŞ, After the necessary preparations are made to begin work on the land and entering KIPAS Esenler project will be of vital importance to the actual start.



KİPTAŞ according to the protocol; remaining in the primarily military field 66 Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command in Baştaby, Topkul and Expert Infantry Sergeant Martyr Ahmet Ozturk 1 will build barracks where the Army Show. Our country will be the most modern barracks said the new barracks.



Istanbul will be held by the Municipality with 2.5 million square meters manufactured urban transformation the world’s first , including the city park in the military field in the size of the area in terms of the world ‘s third-largest city park in the destination October 29 2023. About 7 years covering history project is slated for completion of all work.



A major project-related historic protocol signed with the step that they more at Esenler Mayor M. Tevfik Goksu, ” This is an important project in the KİPTAŞ experience and we believe in the support of the Municipality. We remove the entire schedule of the project. will allow the emergence of new Esenler’deki this calendar step We will apply step and will be completed the project on 29 October 2023. We have advance so far so fast. Hopefully then we’ll move even faster. A moment ago Esenler I wish to reap the benefits of the project history of the people, ” he said.

Currently Esenler’deki 335 thousand square meters of parks and green areas indicating when the project is completed, will increase to 6.8 million square meters Goksu, ” So take our green will increase by about 20 times ,” he said.

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