Erdoğan’ s Call to the Citizens, the Banks and Businessmen

President of Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed to investors, businessmen, tradesmen, and citizens saying “Invest, produce, buy and sell. Launch the money you own to the market. Employ and increase the capacity. Create movements in the market. No crisis is continuable.”. He also addressed to the banks as “Don’t gain 10, gain 5. Reduce the interest rate.”

Erdoğan delivered speech during the 33rd Mukhtar Meeting held in Ankara. Erdoğan addressed the investors, businessmen and citizens and called to produce and invest, so Turkey can manage the hard times caused by terrorism for the last few years. Erdoğan mentioned that, economy has high priority as terrorism with these words; “Since 2013, the events, happenings, attacks we have been experiencing caused exhaustion in terms of our economic dynamics.” Repeating that the main veins of the economy are stability and security added, “The prior target of the attacks is breaking the well working rhythm of our economy and stopping the grinds and moreover breaking them with the attacks to the stability and security we have.” Erdoğan pointed out that the economic crisis is temporary and, it has not harmed the economy permanently other than recession and exhaustion.

Erdoğan also addressed the banks, especially state banks, and asked them to reduce the interest rates. He added that, “By reducing the interest rates, investors will be able to invest without trouble. When the investors invest, there can be production and by that way the recession phase will be managed successfully.”

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