Editing on the Real Estate Sector is on the Way

Customs and Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci, Turkey Federation of Real Estate Consultants (TEMFED) President Haci Ali Taylan and his delegation was accepted by his office. President of the Federation Taylan and his associates expressed their wish to gather real estate agents under the union or the roof of the room and to remove the second-hand market regulation in real estate. “We will open the door to see what is going on.”

Growing Real Estate sales

Minister Tufenkci stated that the work to regulate the housing market will be passed on after the referendum, saying, “After organizing the second hand car market, we will soon have a misunderstanding of arranging for the real estate market by the end of April. We plan to open the relevant regulation to the public opinion after the referendum, “he said. Tufenkci stated that the regulation and the intermediation and consultancy activities for the immovables will be organized by the said regulation, “The conditions to be sought in the people in the real estate sector, the activities they will carry out, the activities they will carry out, the rules they are obliged to obey will be determined”.

“Gathering under the Strong Roof” Tufenkci pointed out that the accumulation of the real estate market under a strong roof is important in solving and disciplining the problems of the sector, and the opinions of the sector representatives are taken into consideration and the work in this area continues.ç

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