Dusit International Will Take A Share In The Project Of Maslak 1453

Agaoglu Maslak 1453, host company for a number of local and international companies, signed off .  Dusit International, known as one of the best brands in tourism, had an agreement with Abduljawad Holding, one of the prominent luxury residence operators in the world.

The Position Of Western Banks

During the organization, Ali Agaoğlu stated that “Both Abduljawad Holding and Dusit International indicated out their confidence in Turkey in terms of stability and suitable environment for investment, up to approximately 250 million dollars.”


The project bunched some of the greatest brand together in Turkey. After the ceremony, the speech held by Agaoglu that Dusit International is one of the Best Taiwan-based  globous trademark, on the other hand, Abduljawad Holding represented Saudi part of investment, which are altogether a good sign to trust the potential of Turkey. While most of the western banks highlighted the instability and unsuitability in Turkey recently, the magnitude of this investment come into prominence one more time.


In addition, Maslak 1453 is burst into prominence to collect many of the outstanding brands and companies as a center. Moreover, Ascott, one of the leading residence brands, also closed the sale with Abduljawad Holding in Istanbul. The reason of many projects and agreements which are concluded in Maslak is not haphazardness, according to Ali Agaoglu. Maslak 1453 is active since September. Most of the projects in terms of apartments already handed over to their owners.

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