Do You Want To Buy A House In European Side Of Istanbul?

Recent years for many people it became almost a necessity to live in a capital and rush cities. Why? Because capitals are great job; investment, luxury, merchandise opportunities for people. In this article I will make an analyze on buying or investing on a house in European Side of the Istanbul.

Most of the people who live in Turkey would know that Istanbul is the most expensive but the most fortunate metropol city of Turkey. Making a living in there would be so hard who tries the catch up end of the month. But If you wisely make your choice and behave cleverly in decision making phase this hardness of making a living would turn out to be an opportunity for you.

How to Process a Decision Making While Purchasing or Investing on a House in European Side of Istanbul?
Before starting the basic topic which is “Pros and Cons of Buying A House in Istanbul“, I want to talk about how this decision making phase is done. First a detailed data collection and research about opportunities; monetary situations, traffic, climate, environmental situations, opportunities, health care, availabilities of growing children, or opportunities of financial decisions making has to be made. Then after One should examine whether given data is advantage or disadvantage. If it is advantage then It should be written in Pros side. If given data is disadvantage then It should be written in Cons side. Then Pros and Cons are summed up pairwisely and given final situation could be plus sign or minus sign. İf plus sign it is then you can do it. But If minus sign it is then you should consider twice before doing it.

Pros and Cons of Buying A house in Istanbul

Pros: (Advantages)

Health care: Since European Side of Istanbul is a big metropol you would not worry about health care. There are hundreds of Health Centers and Hospital at the region. So if you buy a house in the region this is a big advantage about health care.
Financial Opportunities: This is the best part I think, almost all of the headquarters of biggest brands of Turkey are located in Istanbul European Side. This would give you a great chance to find a job or make investments. Another reason for buying a house in the region.
Monetary Situation: People who have house in there or live in there mostly works in European Side where almost all Firms gave high salaries to their employees. European Side is the most expensive region of Turkey but If you are living in there and working in there this wouldn’t be a problem.
Traffic: Many of firms are in European Side. You may prefer to use public transportation or just walk or ride bicycle if you work in there and have house in there.
Climate: Because Istanbul is in Turkey It doesn’t matter which continent you live you would see all 4 of the climates in a single year.

Cons: (Disadvantages)

Expensive Lifestyle: Since it is the most expensive city of Turkey;foods, gasoline or even water would be too expensive to buy. Even though you earn too much life is also expensive in there.
Traffic: Let’s say you bought a house in European Side and work in somewhere else, It would probably take 2 hours or more to get to work from home and 3 hours or more to get to home from work.
Crowd and Stress: That side of Istanbul is so crowded and always rush. Probably one who bought a home there and is living on the other side there would have to be coping with stress and depression.
Air Pollution: Being in a metropol wouldn’t be an advantage all the times. Vast usage of transportation in city pollutes air, water and environment, which would cause many health issues.

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