Display Of Marmara Konaklari Project In Real Estate Summit 2016

A number of international companies which are based on real estate property and construction  sector came together in Real Estate Summit  20016 in İstanbul. In the summit,  the project of Marmara Konakları came forward in the summit.

Opening of the summit 2016 came true in CNR Convention Center. Whilst many international companies took participate in , many people who like to invest on or like to be home-owner attended the summit.


The project was promoted itself with its catchword “quadruplex, excellent, low-rise house, peaceful” . Vehbi Orakçı, the owner of Marmara Engineering A.Ş, stated that” with the participation of a number of remarkable international invitees, there are many opportunities for companies to promote their own projects. The first expectation from the summit is to indicate out the magnitude of our project. Especially, construction sector highly advanced currently. The housing projects became very significant in both domestic and abroad to invest on. That is why, fairs and summits on this issue became more important than ever.”

Promotion Of New Projects

Mr. Orakçı expressed very assertive statements about their project. He says that we can merge easy access, landscape beauty with highly qualified materials. Moreover, we are aware of all facets of public and market sectors. That is why, all attempts we tried to fulfill to create perfect match for our customers with reasonable fees. It leads to high sale of the projects so far, also the  potential benefit from the fair for higher rate of sales is our main goal.

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