Developments and Expectations in Stock Exchange Istanbul

The BIS 100 index is 90,052 and 90,992 on the first trading day of the week. Level and gained 0.66 percent per day Closed at 90,654. The banking index is 0.30 percent. While the earning industry index gained 0.66.

On the first trading day of the week , cosed market causes low transaction volume on global basis It was. Much of the day’s activity in the Eurozone Causing immobility along with the opening of the US market There was mobility. US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Financial Times In the interview, parliament of tax reform until August It is an aggressive situation and in this phase it is realistic He said he did not find it.


It is also a good thing that the Treasury Secretary strong dollar in the long run He said. Value in the USD index after Mnuchin disclosures While US stocks closed the day positive. American While 10-year pricing is at 2.24%, American stocks Up to 1 percent. US stocks first week On the day of the transaction, the increasing geopolitical tension at weekends With the loss of investors’ worries, three days of loss Reversed. Mixed course in Asian morning today Watched. Japanese stocks are watching premiums, while in China and Hong Kong Horizontal sales are seen. American futures begin the day horizontally European stocks may also be expected to open with horizontal priming.

Significant data flows in the country today and in the Eurozone In general, the US data will be followed. Today Housing starts in America, construction permits and industrial production Mobility may also occur in the market.

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