Crytek Predicts 500 Million Dollars Investment In Turkey

The Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım made a speech at the ‘Turkey’s 500 Big Exporters Award Ceremony’ in 25 December 2016. He declared that Cevat Yerli; game developer who owns the company Crytek is considering investing 500 million dollars in Turkey.

Abroad Developer Office

Crytek does not develop its games in Turkey actively, only has a publisher office in Turkey. The company also develops games countries other then Germany, its business center. Crytek has not yet released a game developed by Crytek Istanbul. The company also faces financial problems and announced the shut down of some of its studios. They announced their plans of investment in Turkey via the speech of the Prime Minister Yıldırım. It seems as the meetings were held privately between the government and company officials.

It Is Beneficial To Move to Turkey

It is still unknown why Crytek is thinking about making an investment in Turkey as the company faces financial problems. But it is possible that the company will move most of its business to Turkey and establish a new structure. Crytek announced they would establish a new structure while closing down most of its studios and this may be the first signal of the company’s plans on moving to Istanbul. It seems reasonable for the company to make such attempt, considering this attempt would decrease the costs and gain government support by coming back to its home country. Turkish government officials have the tendency to support game developers in Turkey so it is safe to say that they would provide good support to a developer; which released one of the most played games in the world, Crysis.

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