Crisis Must Be Treated With Investment


The president of Turkish Hoteliers Association (THA) Timur Bayindir talked about the situation of tourism sector and future expectations in December. He stated that in this period slowdown of investments are normal in tourism sector. He said they especially are expecting support in renovation incentives from the government. According to the Ministry of Economy reports, in November 2016 15 new hotel projects was funded in 12 cities and 4 hotels were given renovation certificate. Bayindir said he was happy that the projects and funds were spread among different cities of Turkey other than just Istanbul and Antalya.



Anatolia Must Speed Up

Bayindir claimed that the current incentive system needs revision by cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and sector organizations. He said tourism investments must spread in Anatolia and there are many hotels in touristic cities such as Antalya, Mugla and Istanbul which need renovation.

201 Million TRY in November

The investments which earned incentive certificates in November will receive 201,2 million TRY in total and will provide 625 extra employment. When these investments are completed, bed capacity will increase by 3.132. There is 21 per cent decline in the number of hotels and 20 percent in the investment amount compared to November 2015 data.

The same three cities are the most popular places of invesments in tourism sector; Antalya, Istanbul and Mugla. Artvin and Tokat made it to the list for the first time in November 2016.


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