Countries Issuing A Residence Permit Home Buyers To The Area

In order to overcome the current global economic crisis, especially the countries of the European Union, to the investors who bought their house own country, started to offer a residence permit. 40.000 euro to the investors that bought the house with all the family living between these countries there are countries that allow it. In conjunction with a residence permit investors the right of free movement in Europe. Very strict about residence and work permits in the UK, one of the leading investors for the tax year doesn’t get in the workplace.

Home field in the world to investors who are not citizens of sitting and after a while, the countries that gave the right of citizenship are as follows;

160,000 euros in Spain, residence permits are given to foreign investors, an area of the home. The price of 500.000 euros in Portugal a home is rising. Besides, that employ at least 10 people are given residence permits to foreigners. In the United States $ 1,000,000 or leading a company with a capital of $ 500,000 to everyone who has made the investment session indefinitely, given the right to naturalisation after 5 years.


Over $ 400,000 investing or $ 800,000 in bank accounts in Canada, those who had the first session, then given the right to citizenship. In Ireland the price of the home desired to be purchased; is designated as 400.000 euro. Only 40.000 euros in Macedonia is the home field of the foreign investor will obtain the right of residence. Gets his or her citizenship if investing 400,000 euros.


Greece, the home field of 250.000 euros foreign investor permit for a period of 5 years to renew the permit and every 5 years. 71.500 euro for Latvia rural in the city, if you are the investor who purchased the property in the value of the euro 143.000 it gives you permission to. Ukraine will be opened in the name of the company in the country $ 100,000 in the investment Account gives you an unlimited residence permit.

By establishing a business with capital of 250,000 euros in Germany to provide employment to German citizens first log in, then gives you the right to citizenship. In the Dominican Republic, the investor of $ 100,000 invests if only to himself, a $ 200,000 investment if a gives permission to his wife and children makes. Uruguay for $ 1200 a month in those 3 years residence permit and citizenship at the end of this period.

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