Countdown for 15th Real Estate Summit

Countdown for Realty Summit which will be made for the 15th time this year by Realty Platform of Turkey GYODER (Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership Association) has begun. The summit, which has a finger on the pulse and become an important meeting point, will be assembled in Raffles Hotel Istanbul on May 10, 2016 this time with the theme: “ Our Concern is Square Meter”.

Realty Summit, which has been being made by Realty Platform of Turkey GYODER since the year 2000, and is named as the most important organization of the sector, is getting ready to bring the leaders of this sector under the same roof for the 15th time this year with the theme ‘Our Concern is Square Meter”. The Summit which sets the agenda of Realty Sector, will be the best event of the year again with its rich content and the participation of leading experts.

As the real estate sector, we start the day with square meter calculations and end the day with the same thing. Actually all of us spend the day at home, at office, basically on square meters. That is why we set the theme of this year as “Our concern is Square Meter.” In Realty Summit, we will discuss and evaluate different subjects over ‘square meter topic’.

Based on the most discussed and wondered subjects, headings of the summit have been determined as; “Realty Sector in Turkey in foreign investors’ eyes”, “A new instrument for real estate: Real Estate Investment Trust”, “Square meter and New Generation relationship”, “What the numbers tell us?” and “Square meter evolution and management”.

In the Summit, in which approximately 1000 people are expected to attend, GYODER, which brings up lots of issues about realty sector to the summit this year just like it does every year, will be a host to native and non-native leading experts in 15th Realty Summit.

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