Construction License Applications

In this article, we will refer to construction license transactions. A building that is to be built must have a license. When obtaining a construction license, necessary documents must be prepared, the construction license fee paid, and the petition written. How do you get a construction license? How much is the construction license to 2017? Can the construction license be canceled? 

Let's imagine that you are a lover and want to build a building on it. In accordance with the Zoning Law, it is compulsory to obtain a construction permit in order for a building to be legally commissioned for construction works. This license is given to the projects prepared according to the zoning laws and plans.


Where is the Construction License issued?

In order to obtain a construction license, municipalities apply to the governor's offices with building owners or petitions and necessary documents.

How Much is Construction License Fee in 2017?

  • Residence, Residence 1000 square meters  8.83 TL
  • Residence, Residence 1,000 – 10,000 square meters 9.68 TL
  • Residence-Residence 10.000- 50.000 square meters 10.29 TL
  • Residence-Residence 50.000 – 100.000 square meters 11.13 TL
  • Residence, Residence 100.000 and over square meter 11.74 TL


How Much is Construction License Renewal Mortar 2017?

The construction license must be started within 2 years after the receipt of the license, and the construction must be completed within 5 years. Otherwise, the construction permit must be renewed

  • Renovation (per square meter of Building Construction Area) is 0.45 TL per square meter
  • Again (for each square meter of Building Construction Area) 0.75 TL per square meter
  • Fee for Information Changes in the License Certificate (Amount of Information in Single Rule)
  • Machinery, Electricity and Thermal Insulation Prices to be taken at the Project Amount – Project Amount piece 145 TL
  • What Documents are Required to Receive Construction Permits?
  • License application petition.
  • Title deed.
  • Zoning status (to be taken from the municipality).
  • Application certificate (to be taken from the Cadastre Directorate).
  • Architectural project (Room approved).
  • It's a certificate from the Chamber of Architects.
  • Betonerme static project (Room approved).
  • Civil Engineer Room registration certificate.
  • Electrical installation project (Room approved).
  • Electrical Engineer Room Register.
  • Plumbing project (room approved).
  • Mechanical Engineer Room registration certificate.
  • Soil study report.
  • Map application responsibility and documents.
  • Documents related to building contractor. The contractor will be the owner of the building or another contractor authorized to do the construction.
  • Documentation of building audit contract and building audit company.
  • Information form for the building.
  • A bank receipt showing that you pay 20% of the construction company's fee.
  • Construction supervisor contract.

How many years does the construction license last?

The period of construction starts is 2 years from the date of the license. If the building is not started within this period or the building is started for whatever reason, the license issued is not valid if it is not completed within 5 years. The construction license can be renewed with a petition to the municipality.


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