Channel Istanbul’ Became The Focus Of Attention

Emlak Konut GYO Chairman Ertan Yetim said, "The Kanal Istanbul Project created great excitement in the festival in Qatar. We invited the Qatar Real Estate in Turkey. We will create a working group and look at what we can do together. "

Emlak Konut REIT Chairman Ertan Yetim, Turkey's largest real estate investment trusts themselves as well as their ties with Qatar talks at the fair said they will move to different sizes. "I joined the fuir with an investment project of about 10 billion liras as a Real Estate Housing," said Yetim, who is also in talks with the authorities of the company in the real estate housing market in this country, as well as the investors. "Especially created Canal Istanbul Project is a great excitement in the Qatar state. This interest was our chance to see closely here. Qatar In our interviews with companies in the Real Estate scale, we see that they are closely related to our projects themselves, and we invited them to Turkey," he's an orphan, a Yetim said, "We want to look at what we can do together, we have a channel to share information about our future in Istanbul."

Yetim stated that they will evaluate how they can realize the projects with the revenue sharing model with the catering investors. Regarding the developments in the portfolios in the Kanal Istanbul region: "3.6 million square meters in the Arnavutköy-Dursunköy on the Canal Istanbul route, 450 thousand square meters in the un- tendered part of our Neighborhood project in Küçükçekmece , 340 thousand square meters in Basaksehir-Hosdere and finally 240 thousand square meters in Başakşehir-Kitelli- Ayazma-Kayabaşı district .We will meet with the investors and see what we can do on this land which corresponds to 4.6 million square meters in total.

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