Chamber Of Mechanical Engineers: No Investment Or Development In 2017 Budget

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (TMMOB) claimed 2017 Central Administration Budget Law is anti-democratic and disregards societal interests just like previous years. President of TMMOB Ali Ekber Çakar declared that the new budget law lacked investment and development aspects. He also said that the budget amount in 2016 showed a 36 per cent of increase in only two years and the budgets of prime ministry and presidential expenses has been increased significantly; more than 60 per cent.

President of TMMOB Çakar said the law was anti-democratic because the Court of Account supervision is excluded from the process, secret expenses that exceed the allowance amounts and extra-budgetary funds.

Çakar claimed that the indirect taxes, which are unjust, consist of 70 per cent of the total tax revenue.  The increase at the special consumption taxes alone is close to 14 per cent.

It is also mentioned that the budget for education had been decreasing since 2002, comparing its share in the total budget amount. The budget for the Ministry of Education is limited to only 36 per cent increase over the years, while the centralized administration budgets were increased by the rates of 63-70 per cent.

The budget for the Religious Affairs Administration is 6,8 billon TRY, more than the budgets for the Ministries of Economy, Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Sciance Industry and Technology, Environment, Health and Culture and Tourism.

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