Ceylan, “Reliability Of The Construction Company İs İmportant İn The Purchase Of Real Estate”

The whole of Turkey, especially Istanbul, continues to make its name with its rising new generation housing projects. For those residences for investment or residential purposes, the buyer's first move is to conduct a survey of real estate brands. Well, how should this research be? According to Ceylan Construction Chairman Muammer Ceylan; The citizens who will be hosting will warn buyers that the housing project is not yet finished, and that it is absolutely necessary to interrogate the municipality.


Ceylan conveyed that the reliability of the company that sells real estate is important for the buyer. Today, Ceylan has said that brands that include all the benefits of social life together with the locality and quality of the progeny are preferred. Ceylan said that the materials used in the project and most importantly the problems that may arise after all the legal documents of the project have been avoided, "Think carefully when you take the apartment from the newly built zero buildings. There are many regions within the scope of urban transformation. If you get housing if you are new to one of these regions, your building can be destroyed if it is in the conversion area in terms of application integrity according to the law.


As urban transformation areas are identified, municipalities can learn these regions. Also the position of the house you buy will be very important. The proximity of a plant to its habitats is important. You can direct this and similar details by making a list of your priorities. And most importantly read the contracts of the projects carefully. If there is a substance you think you do not understand with the agreement, you should definitely go to a legal advisor. "


With this awareness, Muhammer Ceylan said that Ceylan Construction had signed under all projects with "first human" prince, “We are continuing our way with a friend who is a friend for us. Sincerity and honesty are among the most important principles of our corporate mission.”

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