Business Reit Noted The Importance Of Women’s Labor In The Real Estate Sector

Business REIT supports women working in real estate. Business REIT sponsored the Women Leaders Platform in Real Estate, organized in Istanbul.

In March and April of this year, more than 400 women working in the real estate sector and the first in Turkey conducted research in cooperation with ULI Turkey (Urban Land Institute), GYODER and TMB. The purpose of the study is to identify the problems of women working in this sector and their solutions.


Businesses REIT representatives note that one of the most important factors that play a certain role in the formation of their corporate culture and corporate policy is that they should not act with the principle of discrimination based on gender. Currently, Businesses REIT is comprised of 52 percent of female employees, 62 percent of whom are senior managers, 38 percent are board members and 45 percent of middle and lower-level employees. This is a very high indicator compared to other companies in Turkey and the real estate sector.

President of the Advisory Board platform for women leaders in real estate, explained the results of the study: “We attach great importance to these studies for the existence and representation of women in the real estate sector. For this reason, our studies reflect the current status, the needs of women, we identified problems, goals, and ways to achieve them. Based on the results of this study, we plan to open mentoring and leadership programs. In the real estate sector, we will work to increase the representation of women in the decision-making process in the real estate sector”.

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