Bimsa Brings “Pratis” Innovation To Real Estate Sales

Online Corporate Procurement Platform which BimSA has developed newly, Pratis, allows real estate sellings now. Pratis offers a faster and more practical way of procurement to the buyer.

Pratis, which has been developed by BimSA, one of the leading corporations of Information Technologies Sector, offers a remedy for real estate sales. “Pratis Real Estate Sales Platform” which has been developed for Pratis, will allow the sales process of the real estate properties that Akbank owns to be carried out fast and clearly within the rules identified.

“Pinpoint” Locating

In the Pratis Real Estate Sales Platform, which has been designed with user-friendly interfaces, all the necessary content such as photos, descriptions, map, property list and bidding basis can be viewed. Thus, users who are in wish of giving an offer to a post, can also locate the mentioned real estate property thanks to the exact coordinations.

How does the system work?

Pratis Real Estate Sales Platform, in which such details like basic characteristics of the property, photos and descriptions are also shared, requires membership. The application, which let you see the posts afterwards, also requires carrying out some procedures and prerequisites such as guarantee letter, conditions of contract and contract itself in order to be able to give an offer for the post.

With the comprehensive filter choices, it is possible to find the best real estate property for the most appropriate buyer. For instance, it is possible to filter the posts which has got just a few offer or no offer yet separately. The countdown for offers and and bidding period for a post is determined and started by Akbank. Moreover, if someone else offers more money than you do, the system sends both an e-mail and sms to you and suggests an outcall.

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