Big Earthquake Awaiting For Istanbul

When will be the possible earthquake happen in Istanbul? This question is still been discussed by the experts that is why the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake and Disaster Commission has prepared a 31-page report. The report also identified the 10 most risky districts in Istanbul, after a major earthquake, details of what to do in the city were shared. According to the decision, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Earthquake and Disaster Commission prepared a 31-page earthquake report. The report is also the answer to the 20 questions about the Istanbul earthquake that the CHP members of parliament ask 5 months ago.


The Commission prepared the report in consultation with AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency), ISMEP (Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project), Provincial Directorate of Environmental City Planning, Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM). The report has many details from the risk provinces to the ones to be done after the earthquake. Here are the details . According to the prepared 'Istanbul Urban Transformation Strategic Plan', the 10 most risky districts in terms of loss of life and damage were identified.

These are the districts; Fatih, Bahçelievler, Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Bakırköy, Bağcılar, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Güngören and Zeytinburnu. In a possible earthquake, between 15 and 30 thousand lives may be lost in Istanbul. The buildings are expected to be damaged by 10 to 15 percent. The report also included details of what to do in Istanbul after a major earthquake. Citizens in Istanbul, the AFAD Directorate will be determined by the 77 area. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 8 firefighting kitchen, 18 social facilities, mobile buffets and mobile kitchens will meet the need for food.



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