Bakirkoy- Atakoy Line is Istanbul’s New Favorite

Bakirkoy, Atatöy line and Zeytinburnu districts has became the favorite area for new housing investment projects in Istanbul. The new projects has been constructed on the Bakirkoy beachfront, and the areas become favorite with the transportation projects such as  E 5 districts and Merkezefendi districts in Zeytinburnu . With the urban transformation projects in the area and the Eurasia Tunnel Project increased the value of the region.


Until the transportation and infrastructure projects’ construction Bakirkoy was engaged in only lower and middle income housing. Today the area become one of the popular place for high income segments. The prices for new housing project in the district 3,000 tl for 1 square meter for middle income family houses and 30,000 TL for 1 square meter for lux housing projects araound Bakirkoy Atatoy districts . The average branded project prices are around 10,000. Besides, flat plans are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 around Bakirkoy and Atakoy districts.


Also in Zeytinburnu, new luxury houses , shopping centers, business centers take the place of old fabrics and those fabrics’ land. In Zeytinburnu housing projects 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 flat plans exists and the price vary among 5,000 TL to 22,000 TL. Around E 5 districts prices are not as high as sea side. It is around 6,000- 12,000 TL for 1 m2.

Today housing prices of Zeytinburnu half of the other districts. According to the expectations the value of the Zeytinburnu area will increase 112 % in 5 years period of time.

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