Attention To Credit Interest Victims

Lawyer Ozgur Balci answered the questions that the victims of the interest of the loan should know.

1) Who is Involved İn This Decision Regarding Credit Victims?

Between 21.08.2007 and 22.09.2011, citizens who pay deposits, residential loans, vehicle loans or interest on credit cards from one of the 12 banks will be able to indemnify those who have suffered from the banks.

2) What Is The Decision Of The Competition Board?

The Competition Board has 12 banks, all of which are known to be in these banks. These banks formed a cartel between the dates of 2007 and 2011, and found that they artificially increased interest rates among themselves, and deposited an administrative penalty of 1,116,957,468 TL in the bank. A lawsuit was filed for the cancellation of the Board’s decision.

Kredi Faizi Hesaplama

3) What Do The Compensation Claims Of The Victims Of The Credit Mean?

The cartel indemnity case: Everyone who benefits from the deposit, credit and credit card services between 21.08.2007 and 22.09.2011 is asking for damages to the consumers, traders and public institutions in order to claim compensation at 3 times of the damage against 12 banks. If you have used a housing, vehicle or need loan from these 12 banks within the specified date range, you can get a refund of up to 3 times your additional interest.

There is a 10 year statute of limitations when opening the case because of the contractual relationship between the Bank’s customers and the banks in terms of deposit, credit and credit card services. In other words, consumers who suffer victimization in this regard should file a lawsuit within 10 years from the date they sign the credit or credit card contract and ask them to compensate their victims.

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