Atakoy Marina, Mega Yacht Harbor Opened

Atakoy Marina and Yat İşletmeleri A.Ş. General Manager Suheyl Demirtas and CNR Holding General Coordinator Cem Şenel announced at the press conference that Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Port will be opened on 2 May.

Atakoy Marina, one of Turkey’s largest yacht harbors, will be opening the doors of Mega Yacht Harbor and the maritime industry’s biggest meeting CNR Eurasia Boat Show will open its doors on May 2 at the same time.


The yacht and boat sector is preparing to host two important organizations that will boost Istanbul’s brand value. Atakoy Marina CNR Eurasia Boat Show, which is waiting for marine enthusiasts with the opening of Mega Yacht Harbor, will open its doors at the same time on 2 May. In order to provide information about Atakkoy Marina Mega Yacht Harbor and CNR Eurasia Boat Show which will be among Turkey’s largest yacht harbors, participation of Suheyl Demirtas, General Manager of Ataköy Marina and Yacht Operations Inc. and Cem Şenel, CNR Holding General Coordinator .

167 thousand square meters protected (in-port) water surface area, the total length of the breakwater will be 1.5 kilometers, the depth in the port will be 6 meters. The breakwaters and piers were constructed with reinforced concrete T wall, while floating floats were made of concrete. Walking and cycling way of 5 meters wide, 1.5 kilometers long, which people can use on the breakwater, was made. The harbor can serve motor yachts, sailing yachts or catamaran boats from 25 meters to 100 meters. Floating piers between 25 meters and 35 meters, main breakwater and climb larger than 35 meters can be connected to the boat. Mega Yacht Harbor will be a very important address for boats over 30 meters, which attracts especially to the secure landing site and the difficulty of landing.

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