Arm Tunnel Technologies İs İnvesting İn Capacity

Arm Tunnel Technologies İs İnvesting İn Capacity

Arm Tunnel Technologies, which operates in the sector of tunnel construction and technology, continues to invest to strengthen its position in the sector. The company will increase its production capacity by 53 percent by establishing a new facility with an investment of TL 35 million.


Arcan Makine has 20 years of experience in tunnels construction and technology, producing machinery and equipment for tunnels construction and project consulting activities under the name of Arm Tunnel Technologies. The company continues to invest in order to expand its markets and strengthen its position globally in the sector.


Ogulcan Selçuk, who is Member of the Board of Directors of Arm Tunnel Technologies, announced that they are in the initiative to build a new production facility in Turkey later this year and announced that the new production facility will be aimed at tunneling technologies. Selçuk said that they planned to build the facility with an investment of approximately 35 million TL and the activity to be carried out in the first quarter of 2018, and he noted that the said facility would increase the general production capacities by 53 percent.


Selçuk, who explained that the R & D work for innovative and developed technologies is continuing in the developing tunnel sector in order to be able to do more work with less cost and time, said that they are aiming to present the prototype based products to the market until 2020.

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