Areas in Which Budget-Friendly Sea View Houses are Sold

Turkey has started to restructure again especially with big house movement which has started in 2005. Istanbul, which has seven hills, legendary beauty, which is the pearl of the world, which has the bosphorus and sea of Marmara view, is the center of this restructure. From Umranye to Kurtkoy, from Kartal to Beylikduzu, from Maslak to Maltepe it is possible for you to see a construction project on every corner in the city. Even the areas, once named as ‘the middle of nowhere’ are being filled with luxury buildings which has sea view, now. In Istanbul, which is a maritime area, most people actually yearn for the sea because of the intense work pressure. From now on, it is something lux to watch the sea from a hill in this city with seven hills for those who spend most of their time at work and the rest of the time in traffic.

Decrease in land stock in central area brings apeak structuring in its wake especially in parallel with the development of high-rise building technology. In high-rise building projects in Istanbul, there is possibility to watch the sea of Marmara view after some floors. Beside sea coasts, most of the projects which has sea view and are located in high hills of Istanbul are generally carried out in Kartal, Beykoz, Pendik, Maltepe and Beylikduzu. Although outstanding social reinforcements in most of projects look the same, natural factors such as lake and sea add value to the project. Those who can not own a house in projects which are located near the sea coast, prefer buying a house from the projects which has high-rise buildings with the sea view. It is possible to find a house with an affordable price for every budget.

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