Apartment For İnvestment? Is İt A Shop? A Plot?

World currency and capital markets are as turbulent as it is now. For years, the gold circulating in the band of 280-310 dollars has returned from 2 thousand dollars. For a long time, the average price of oil, which is around $ 30, was 200 dollars, and now it is trading at around $ 100.


Warren Buffet, which invests in stocks in the world and earns the first billion dollars, does not really pay much attention to real estate, especially housing. It advises people to evaluate their savings in the stock market. Buffet may be right, but the only mistake is that everyone thinks that everyone understands as well as the stock market. The stock market is an activity that requires expertise on its own. This is one of the most frequently asked questions to me; I have 40.000 TL accumulation, we want to make a loan and invest; Do you want a house or a shop?


Standard answer: the shops!

Lease for a return home will not be taken to the shop! The same money, you shop or what you buy the house, lease the shop's return will be higher if you compare to the return.

Well, then when taken home for investment?

Premium where you believe that you will do the style of the site construction of the project prior to or taken during.


The plot: More curious and concerned persons on these issues is recommended. Shops and homes are more risky.

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