‘Alternatives in Real Estate Financing’

Specialists and investors will gather in “5th Leaders in Real Estate Summit” which plans to increase the investments in real estate sector. The summit which will be held on April 28th in Marriot Hotel Sisli; ERA Turkey’s Chairman of the Executive Board Can Eksioglu will talk about Alternative suggestions in Real Estate Financing.

ERA, which declared 2016 as the year of attack, attracts notice not only human resources and portfolio investment, with its support to the organizations enriching the sector. Can Eksioglu, who is the Chairman of the Executive Board of ERA Turkey and also the spokesman, will talk about alternative suggestions in real estate financing in the 5th Leaders in Real Estate Summit. The Summit will be held in Marriott Hotel in Sisli.

ERAT Turkey; whose aims are to increase real estate investments, decrease interests, development of mortgage system, easier consumer finance and alternatives, to ease national economy, also assumes the platin sponsorship of the Summit.

The summit whose main theme is “Financing Models and Alternatives in Real Estate” consists of three main sessions. While first main session is held under “general overview of regulatory authorities to real estate financing” topic, the second main session will discuss “the importance of real estate financing and its enrichment to the sector” and the third main session will discuss “how the reflections of alternatives in real estate financing should be to the consumers” subjects.

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