Aéroports de Paris’s Important Decision About TAV

One month ago,a news which excites sector of airport operation was heard.The news was related to a share transfer agreement. Aéroports de Paris bought the share of Akfen Holding which costs 160 million dollars in TAV airport operation holding.Akfen holding as a partner of TAV had have 8.1 percent of share of whole TAV Airport Operation Holding shares.


By the way,TAV is operator of seventeen airports that which exist on different regions of world.After buying Akfen’s shares,share percentage of Aéroports de Paris in TAV airport operation holding increased up to 46.1 percent.Moreover, Aéroports de Paris decided to sell its shares which correspond to % 43 in TAV Investments Holding.These shares will be sold to other two partners.These partners are Tepe Construction and Sera Construction which have already 24.2 percent and 5.1 percent shares respectively.However,how percentage is gone shares between these partners has not been decided yet.


Declaration From Akfen

Akfen Holding chairman,Hamdi Akın gave some speech about this share transfer agreement.He said that we tried to proceed in accordance with principles of holding.

Our purpose of making this transfer agreement is to make firms exist forever.As human beings, death is our inevitable destiny but firms should be undying.We make firms immortal by like these share transfers.


The result of share transfers is that in practice.Purpose is to enhance employment by lengthening the life of companies with favor of new partners.Additionally,it is said that Akfen Holding sold his shares because of a future investment which costs 6.7 billion TL.





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